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To make sure you get the solution that fits your needs we offer multiple options

Cloud Servers POPULAR

Reliable cloud hosting of world class quality. Secure your data beyond the single point of failure. The cloud technology guarantees you maximum uptime, performance and scalability. Get your tailor-made solution with pre-installed applications to ease your website in its new home.

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Virtual Datacenter HOT

A private cloud with a pool of resources you can use as you wish. Use the web interface to configure and deploy virtual machines with different purpose, structure and function - find the best form to fit your project. Create firewall, database, application or storage servers any way, any time. Reboot, modify and delete servers with the push of a button.

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Tailor-made Hosting

Foolproof planning and meticulous execution of custom solutions. Our team will study your project and create the perfect environment for it. We will build and maintain your environment in a scale, location and manner that suit you. The result is a unique hosting solution that fits like a glove.

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VMware NEW

VMware is a virtualization software of high class. Create and manage virtual machines in clusters. Activate servers with different purpose and scale, then make them work together. With VMware you can manage complex systems by distributing and optimizing your resources.

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OpenStack NEW

OpenStack is your solution if you are seeking customization, flexibility and scalability. You build your own server – determine its size, power, its full setup and environment. And most importantly - how much time you use it for. Create your perfect machine and use it for just the time you need it, charged by the hour.

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Highest industry standards

Lightning fast and secure hosting

Hosting is our forté. You need the best for your environment and we are here to offer it. A lightning fast and secure cloud infrastructure working effortlessly up to the highest industry standards, while respecting the ISO27001 standards. Managing our own infrastructure in two highly ranked datacenters, as a part of the Federation. Through us you will have international reach online.


Our specialists are available to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Pieter-Jan and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone. Let's work together and make magic happen!

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