Virtual Datacenter

Create a Virtual Machine any time you need it

Use your Virtual Datacenter (VDC) control panel to create new machines with the setup you need, in no time. Define your virtual machine configuration through the VDC platform and see its potential cost immediately. The new virtual machine price will be calculated by the hour and added to your monthly bill accordingly.

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Virtual Data Center Control Panel

Virtual Machine Management made easy

Give access to the servers with different permissions. Create a different VM user for your different teams or employees and restrict their rights to what they will essentially use. You get a clear overview:

  • Resources
  • DNS
  • CDN
  • Load balancers
  • Hypervisors
  • Active virtual servers
  • Templates
  • Backups
  • Usage Statistics
  • Settings
  • Prices

Virtual machines

Spin up and manage multiple virtual servers at once in different locations all over the globe.

VDC allows you to create a custom VM or select from a collection of pre-existing VM images – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows 2008, 2012. Preload a CMS. Reserve from the pool of resources the capacity you need – select your RAM, CPU cores, CPU priority, primary and swap disk size and guaranteed IOPS.

See the price, size, memory and disk space of the virtual machine you are setting up change in real time as you are going through the form. Activate your virtual machine in 4 easy steps.

Load balancers

The virtual datacenter allows you to manage your own load balancing setup.

Configure your virtual machines to avoid overload by allowing your traffic to be distributed evenly among your identical servers. Name a group of servers you want to protect and select your scaling preference. Autoscale by allocating more resources to your servers in peak times or choose to add a new server, recreate its configuration and add it to the cluster whenever more capacity is needed.

Create, switch on/off and monitor the performance of multiple load balancers via VDC.

Content delivery network

Cache and distribute static content to more than 170 points of presence with a couple clicks.

Configure multiple SSL encrypted CDN with multiple origins. Customize your PoP groups and apply different location profiles to your CDN depending on their purpose. Get a comprehensive overview of your reach in an inbuilt interactive map.

Customize your policy – country access, hotlinking, URL signing, cache expiry, Nginx settings and search engine settings. Receive advanced reports and purge cache by path.


Our cloud hosting system is located in the IBM rated tier III++ datacenters in Brussels (Diegem) and Antwerp, Belgium. The facilities run according to best practices and in some aspects surpass them. The longevity of the hardware is guaranteed by world class power supply and cooling installation performing at 100%, contributing to a facility resiliency of 3++ rating and availability of 99,982% to 99,995%.

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