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If you mean business, the best bet for the start of every successful web project is DevOps cooperation. Speaking the same language, your Developers and our Operations team are the perfect union to kick-start a good campaign. The one side - knowing the pains and needs, the other – the solutions and possibilities. With a reliable DevOps trajectory, every step of the way is executed with precision and insight:

  • objectives and milestones
  • system requirements
  • applied technologies
  • capacity and scaling plan based on the expected traffic
  • session management
  • CDN management
  • workflow automation and caching strategies
  • deployment plan and code optimization
  • monitoring
  • support and points of contact

The result is a solution that fits like a glove.

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Reliable Hosting

Reliable partner during trying times – stress testing

High quality performance is expected from your product at all times. Your visitors shall never have to see that pesky 503 error code. Stone hosting prepares your website or app to meet any number of users during high-traffic events – sales, games, and other campaigns. A stress test simulation is performed where your app is targeted by thousands of ‘users’, exploring every corner of your environment looking for flaws. A detailed report of the findings tells you what bottlenecks you have, how many users you can handle and what scaling steps you may need to take. And when. A priceless evaluation for web developers and their customers.

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Global and local cloud hosting

Stone hosts its local cloud infrastructure in two tier III++ rated datacenters in Brussels (Diegem) and Antwerp, Belgium. Humming in an isolated, safe environment, thousands of servers form a potent cloud, offering great capacity, scalability, 99,982% to 99,995% availability and, most importantly, lightning fast local connection. You have customers from multiple countries? When you work on different projects with visitors concentrated in New York, Madrid, Dubai or Melbourne, how do you choose your hosting location? You don’t need to lose time and effort coordinating with different hosting providers. As a Federation member, Stone offers resources not only locally but globally. You get access to highly ranked data centers all over the world. Reach dozens of cities in more than 40 different countries. Manage multiple locations from one control panel. All through one provider. Stone.

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Stone IS CDN



Hosting for digital agencies cannot be geographically limited. With customers all over the world you cannot afford to favor one market over the other. Take a global approach with our hosting solution. Not only do we enable you to host multiple websites in different locations, but we offer you to distribute the contents of each of them worldwide. Build and maintain a content delivery network with several clicks in the Stone control panel. With CDN you cache and load your content in dozens of locations, sending pieces of your code simultaneously to six continents. Ready to be called from anywhere, your website loads with lightning speed wherever it is called. Impress your visitors and impress the search engines. Reach new heights in loading time – it has never been so simple.

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Restless support

Stone Support is a brilliant team of skillful web hosting experts with years of experience in their field. Go for the full package and secure a protective blanket over your system. Our helpdesk is easily reachable any time of the day, any day of the year. We guard your infrastructure via constant monitoring and timely problem solving. We uphold your work via maintenances, updates and upgrades. Receive regular reports on the performance of your servers. Feel free to discuss any factors that bother you, any components you think your system may need, any challenges you foresee in the future of your project. Feel the reality of having the perfect partner in web hosting in times of emergency. Our team will impress you with fast response, quick issue detection and a thoughtful analytical approach.

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Stone IS team

Our specialists are available to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Pieter-Jan and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone. Let's work together and make magic happen!

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