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Boost your website capacity for upcoming events

How do you prepare your website for peaks in traffic? In the most important time of the year, you cannot afford lag in loading, issues with transactions and lost sales. Stone is an expert in testing, forecasting and planning web events. As much as you don’t want to think about that, your web application or website has its limits. Stone simulates the number of users you expect, mimics their behavior and studies the performance of your system. We find any potential flaws and report them to you together with a recommendation, and possibly, an offer for the best solution.

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Sell tickets online securely

Your money page is safe with Stone. You already know your website can handle the traffic. Enable your ticket sales online with peace of mind. With a tailor made solution, your transaction processing runs flawlessly - the number of visitors is manageable, each transaction is backed up and our support is monitoring for suspicious activity, ready to react if an alert comes up. And available to answer your every question.

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Reach new markets faster with a Content Delivery Network

Hosting an international event? Employ the best strategy to reach the global market. Analyze your customer profile and offer the best experience to your users. With Stone-IS, a Federation member, you easily create and manage your own CDN network. Cache and distribute your content to more than a hundred locations all over the globe. Your speedy website will impress not only your visitors, but search engines as well. Ranking higher than the laggy, slow competition, you gain more visitor attention and trust.

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Festival van Gent

Flawless performance for the entertainment industry

In entertainment you go big or go home. Visitors are looking for fun and joy – the slightest delay, the smallest of obstacles may put your customer off and send them away. Stone knows the struggle and is fully equipped and ready to provide you with the best, most reliable platform to build your website or app. Meet your customer’s criteria effortlessly and enjoy a loyal, excited crowd of fans looking forward to what you have to offer next.

How do you build the perfect web environment? DevOps cooperation. Your Technical team knows your business the best – rush hours, hottest time of the year, most important functions, visitor profiles and behavior, etc. Our Operations team knows our capabilities and strengths and puts them to use in your benefit. Working together, your environment is constructed, put through multiple custom designed simulation tests, maintained and monitored the way it needs to be.

Every project starts with a detailed discussion. A plan is constructed with specific steps, milestones and timeline. And is carried out with precision: server configuration and environment; operating system; software; control panels; CDN; load balancing; backup solution and access. The system is tested against the predetermined possible weaknesses and put in production. The result is a solution that fits like a glove.

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Local entertainment, local provider

The need for speed can only be satisfied by a local web hosting provider. Stone runs its infrastructure in two tier III++ datacenters in Brussels (Diegem) and Antwerp, Belgium. The perfect location guarantees you high availability and unmatched speed. Enjoy a cloud hosting environment running on cutting edge infrastructure, easily manageable via a single control panel - be in control of scalability and redundancy. All services with quality guaranteed – Stone holds itself up to the ISO27001 standard.

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Stone knows what you need

Our expertise has been accumulated and perfected thanks to our multiple customers from the entertainment industry. Stone Internet Services is the exclusive hosting partner of ID&T Belgium. Announcements, pre-registration and pre-sale updates accumulate massive visitor spikes from international origin. Ticket sales attract millions. Our experts were trusted with planning, managing and monitoring the Tomorrowworld festival hosting, testing, CDN, backup and other solutions.

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Stone is for us the perfect partner to organize an event such as Tomorrowland online. They think along with our website developers and they succeed in absorbing flawlessly the huge visitor peaks!
Geert Dethier - Tomorrowland

Geert Dethier
Operations Manager

Our specialists are available to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Marijn and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone. Let's work together and make magic happen!

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