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Stone guides you through every digital step of the way – from the shaky beginning through your gaining popularity and strength, all the way to the glamorous success. Growing with you and supporting you throughout. Our local cloud hosting system is housed in two tier III++ rated datacenters - in Brussels (Diegem) and Antwerp, Belgium. With availability of 99,982% to 99,995%, and redundant connection, this local cloud offers you great flexibility and scalability together with high speed and high performance, handling equally well a single virtual machine and sophisticated environments. Stone teams up with you on creating the perfect strategy and development plan for getting from point A to point B. We take care of it for you - from a single server to a complex portfolio of services – being there for you through thick and thin.
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Startup cloud

Global startup hosting

International hosting – grow your business

Local hosting for startups is essential, but it could be limiting. Make the smart choice and go for a provider that can also offer you a global reach – access to foreign markets is crucial if you are a newcomer in the business. As an agent of the cloud Federation, Stone has connected its resources to an international network of facilities, providing you with a priceless opportunity to host anywhere on the globe, in more than 170 different locations, all of them offering high availability and scalability. Not just that – we offer you an easily manageable CDN solution. Cache and distribute your content to dozens of points of presence. When called, the content delivery network will serve your website to the user from the nearest location, reaching lightning fast speed and exciting your visitors and the search engines.

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Security and Backup

Security is usually the first question you ask us. And we know how to answer it. The short story is maintaining quality is guaranteed by Stone earning the ISO 27001 certificate for management of information security. The long story – every precaution is taken against abuse, misuse and mishandling of data. All websites are SSL encrypted. Network security and password complexity are an enforced standard. Firewalls for every machine are easily manageable via a control panel with customized access. The local datacenter network and its power supply are redundant. Regular backups can be scheduled as close as 5 minutes apart and stored off-site. Regular security scans are an option for highly sensitive data.

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OnApp Dashboard

Virtual datacentre – easily manage complex services

Manage your resources via the Virtual datacenter. One point of access allows you to create, organize and manage multiple web hosting services with different power, purpose, in different locations and to a different degree. Create and manage virtual machines from scratch or with a preloaded operating system or even CMS. Give them any CPU, disk space and memory. Start, stop and reboot them. Configure multiple load balancing setups. Create multiple content delivery network portfolios and set them up on different origin servers with different points of presence. Configure DNS. Manage backups. Manage templates. Restrict access to sections of the control panel to a selection of teams or employees. One control panel. One provider. And one monthly invoice.

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Qualified support – your expert on the web

Contact our support team any time you are in doubt. Your statistics are crooked? You need guidance through the control panel, or you would like to further explore the service capabilities? You do not need to spare resources you don’t have on issues you don’t need to fix yourself. We can monitor your servers for suspicious activity and abnormal behavior, reacting immediately and providing you with regular reports. We will respond in a timely manner to your questions with a carefully crafted long-term solution on every case. We always have your best interest at heart.

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Support team

Our specialists are available to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Pieter-Jan and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone. Let's work together and make magic happen!

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