Meet the team

Marijn Willems Marijn Willems

Marijn Willems

Business Unit Manager
Captain of the ship, father of 2, solver of problems. Every vessel needs its figurehead and that is what Marijn is, from strategic choices to business opportunities, Marijn is your man. When he’s not around, he’s probably riding his motorcycle or damaging his eardrums on a music concert or festival.

Minna Van der Vennet Minna Van der Vennet

Minna Van der Vennet

Administration Officer
Our administrative know-all and supermom of 2. Minna keeps us in-line when it comes down to facts and figures. Her Finnish roots will make sure you can find her in the sauna or in the outdoors when she’s off duty.

Jean-Louis Dupond Jean-Louis Dupond

Jean-Louis Dupond

Lead Cloud Engineer
The brains and heart of the operations team, Jean-Louis is the one managing complex set-ups and making us future proof. The operations team is led by him and when not around, he’s probably enjoying the good life or painting baby rooms.

Stéphan Schamp Stéphan Schamp

Stéphan Schamp

Cloud Engineer
A hosting veteran of 6 years, Stéphan knows the ins and outs of all modern *nix systems.He’s always on the lookout for new technologies, honing his tech skills and bringing maximum performance out of your hosting setup.When AFK, he likes to play PS4, squash or go hiking. Besides hobbies, he’s always up for some fine dining.

Ina Colman Ina Colman

Ina Colman

Cloud Engineer
Our silent force and devops champ. She moves in the shadows like a devops ninja and tweaks your set-up, performs loadtests and will make sure your deployment procedure is on point! Capibara’s are her weak spot though!

Pieter-Jan Meuleman Pieter-Jan Meuleman

Pieter-Jan Meuleman

Customer Success Manager
Your go-to guy to turn an online project into a complete success. He’s the glue between operations, sales and administration. When he’s not around, you can rest assured he’s kicking ass in the latest FIFA game.

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